Programme Overview and Requirements

Meet a couple of our Datacom developers:

hayden datacom app developer


“I am currently a Software Developer at Datacom’s Mobile Innovation team, skilled in Mobile and Web application development. In my spare time I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with tertiary students as a Microsoft Student Partner helping them to gain work experience by completing the Microsoft Student Accelerator Program”

dipesh datacom developer app


“I am a Software Developer at Datacom’s Mobile Innovation team, in the same team as Dipesh working on iOS app development. I also help out with the Microsoft Student Accelerator Program to teach students how to build apps and websites”

The iOS App Development programme* with Swift is designed to give you increasing skills in programming your own app. The programme is made up of five 4-week courses each building on the elements you have previously developed.  Below is a summary of what you’ll cover in each of the 5 courses

Getting started with App Development


This first course introduces you to the fundamentals of Swift, building modern mobile apps, iOS, Xcode, and other tools in the Xcode development environment. You will also learn a bit about Interface Builder, a visual tool for crafting user interfaces. This introduction to UIKit will take you some steps further –  you will learn about structures, collections, loops, and different ways to work with the information that makes up an app. At the end, you will build a simple project.

Navigation and Workflows

In this unit, you will learn about an important Swift feature for working with optional data. You will also learn how to use multiple scenes, views, and controls and build simple workflows.

Working with the Web ~ Prototyping and Project Planning

To begin, you will learn about closures, which are blocks of code that can be used like variables, which allow you to write code that will be executed at a later time. You will use closures to write code that will execute after network requests are finished. Additionally, you will learn how to use closures to work with collections and create animations in your app. Then, you will work through lessons which explain how the web works, how to request information from a web service, how to turn that information into structures or classes one can use within your app, and how to make your app run smoothly.

You will complete this final unit by working on an app idea that is all ours, starting with learning what key design principles influence the app success and how to add personality to your app. With that in mind, you will brainstorm app ideas and work through an iterative cycle of planning, prototyping, and soliciting feedback on your prototypes. Finally, you will end up with a concrete, workable development plan that you can use to build your very own iOS app.

General requirements:


iOS developer programme specific requirements:


* please note the official name of the programme is Unitec Online Professional Development Courses  (Certificate of Personal Interest). You’ll need to know this when you enrol….

Meet the Unitec Team

Hey, I’m Dila

“I joined Unitec over 8 years ago and have seen education transform first hand. I am passionate about making education accessible to all, and am looking forward to blending Unitec’s academic knowledge with New Zealand’s leading industry skills.”

Hi there, I’m Guillermo

“I am a Computer Science Technologist and have been involved in research on Control Systems, Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things for the past decade. My interests include control systems, real time signal processing, mobile robotics, embedded programming and Cloud Computing.”